Everyone A Child Should Know – A Review

When I saw the box from WTSbooks.com, I was excited, for I knew what awaited me inside! See, my wife and I homeschool our children, and a book such as “Everyone a Child Should Know” by Clare Heath-Whyte and published by 10Publishing, excites me as it has short, easy to read and understand biographies of Christians from all throughout the last two millennia.

The book is a sturdy, well-made book, seemingly able to withstand the use and abuse from my children (of which I have four- 8, 6, 3, and 1). Aesthetically, it is a beautiful book with wonderful illustrations and even a ribbon page marker!

And the biographies are wonderful! They are informative and brief, yet able to hold my children’s attention while teaching them about the person. And, as a plus, it’s not just all dead people, which I think is great! Too often we read biographies of people who are long dead. However, in Everyone A Child Should Know, it includes a few people that, at the time I am writing this, are still alive. The wonderful thing about that is it allows my children to look up those living persons and learn more about them along with what they are doing now.

While reading through the book, I was happy to read many staunch giants of the faith, such as Augustine, Bunyan, Calvin, Spurgeon, and Tyndale (amongst others). However, I was pleasantly surprised to read biographies of many people whose names I did not recognize, such as Argula von Grumbach, Hannah More, Robert Raikes, and others. The chance to learn about those whom I have not known before is always a blessing. I cannot wait to read through these with my children, as this book will become a staple in our homeschooling curriculum.

I highly recommend this book for parents to read alongside their children, as it is written in such a manner for which both the young and old will be edified!

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