Going Deeper With New Testament Greek

Going Deeper With New Testament Greek, by Kostenberger, Merkle, and Plummer

Kostenberger, Andreas J., Merkle, Benjamin L., Plummer, Robert L.. Going Deeper With New Testament Greek, An Intermediate Study of the Grammar and Syntax of the New Testament. Nashville, TN: B & H Academic, 2016. 550pp. $49.99.


The book Going Deeper With New Testament Greek is a book described as one to help a person already familiar with NT Greek get better. Thus, enabling them to exposit the Texts of the New Testament better through more solid exegesis and the such when preparing and delivering sermons. Well, honestly, I don’t fit that bill. Not one bit. Why? I don’t know New Testament Greek. I’m familiar with it in that the New Testament was written in Greek, but, that is all.

So, why am I writing a review on an academic text book on Greek?

I recently graduated with my Masters in Theological Studies with an emphasis on Preaching and Pastoral Ministry from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO. I did my coursework all online, with the help of some as Field Supervisors in my local area of Southwest Florida to aid me through some classes, and two of those were my Sermon Prep and Sermon Delivery practicums. My field supervisor, who is now my pastor (that is a story in and of itself), has encouraged me to learn New Testament Greek, and it is something that I am going to do, starting very soon. Now, to this book, Going Deeper.

I have looked through the book and I see many familiar terms and ideas. While I was in my preaching practicum, my field supervisor, Pastor Tim, was very helpful, and often would explain things to me from the original languages, telling me things about tenses and verbs, articles and prepositions, infinitives, and many other things, that, when he explained them to me, really did help me understand portions of the text better. However, being that I was not a student of the original languages, it was information that I unfortunately did not retain (how sometimes I wish I was pursuing my Masters of Divinity, so I would have to take two semesters of both Greek and Hebrews!).

Reading through bits and pieces of Going Deeper With New Testament Greek, I really like the layout in that it is written in the format to be used as a textbook, with 15 chapters, which could be done over the course of one or two semesters, depending on how a teacher would be doing it. However, I am going to be doing this at my own pace, and will probably do it over six months, alongside some other books that my pastor has recommended for me.

Those books are:

Learn To Read New Testament Greek, by David Alan Black (B&H Academic, 3rd Ed., March 1, 2009 )

And the accompanying workbook:

Learn To Read New Testament Greek, Workbook: Supplemental Exercises for Greek Grammar Students, by Ben Guitierrez (B&H Academic, March 1, 2009 )

Along with the “A Readers New Testament”, 3rd Ed. Greek New Testament, by Richard J. Goodrich and Albert Lukaszewski (Zondervan, November 3, 2015).

So, as I have these resources on my desk, within the next week, I am going to start my journey into learning New Testament Greek. I am excited because I have so much to learn and I want to be able to more fully understand the texts I will exposit from the pulpit, in the classrooms as I teach children, and from the couch as I lead my family in worship and the reading of God’s Word.

So, with all of that said, given all that I have done and am going to do, consider this my inaugural post in a long running, unknown number of posts, series on my journey, my adventure of learning New Testament Greek! I will try to post on this once every two weeks or so, starting after I read my first chapters and do my first lessons in my texts and workbook. I am very excited to start this journey!

My reading plan is to do each chapter every other week. I say “every other” instead of “over two weeks” because I am going to do one week’s reading and lessons in my Learn To Read books, then the next week I will read corresponding chapters/readings from Going Deeper, as I want to learn as much as I can as quickly and efficiently as I can. I may, and probably will, modify how I do all of this, and will most certainly take a break in the beginning of September, as my wife is due with our fourth child in the beginning of the month.

If anyone has any suggestions to add to me repertoire of Greek-learning resources, please leave a comment or email me at jon@esvbiblenerd.com and I will sift through everything and use what I can.