Gut Check From The Tech Booth

A view of today’s services from the tech booth at First Baptist Church Immokalee, FL.


Today, as I am for most Sundays at church, I run the tech booth. Mainly, I sit and I click on the slides to change them during worship, and that’s it. Sometimes, I fiddle with the lights, and, I can’t forget, I turn on and off the worship music on the Amazon music streaming app that we have before and after the service. Simple, right?

For me, my heart is in ministry, pastoral ministry, and sometimes, I really do have a difficult time being in the tech booth, or sound booth as some call it, during the times when people respond to the message and go up for prayer or to talk to the pastor, or whatever other reason God may be calling them to go up. I want to pray and minister to them. However, while God gave me the chance to do just that today, He also reminded me that being in the tech booth, running the slides and such, is just as important. Just as the body is made of many parts that work together, so is the Body of Christ working together (1 Corinthians 12:12-31; Romans 12:4-8). He brought those Scriptures forward in my mind so that I might not sin the sin of covetousness, coveting the front line position over the support position that I currently play on Sunday mornings (Psalm 119:11).

Besides, Glory to God, I have the joy of sharing the love of Christ week after week on the front lines with the children of the church every Wednesday. And for that, I am so blessed!