He Reads Truth Bible Review

Before I get into my review, there are to things I want you, the reader, to know. First, as a Pastor, I preach from the ESV Bible, but I do many of my personal devotions (now) using the CSB (we’ll get more to that later). Secondly, prior to receiving the He Reads Truth Bible, I have never owned a men’s devotional Bible, or anything similar. Now, with that out of the way, I must say that the He Reads Truth Bible is truly one fine piece of craftsmanship.

Physical Quality

When I first received the package in the mail, I had joked around with my wife about doing an “unpacking video” to be a part of this review. Ultimately, I did not. However, I wish I had. The gray cloth-over-board cover on the Bible is of excellent quality and sits will in the hand, even when held with just one hand. The pages are thin yet sturdy, not feeling like any sudden movement will cause it to rip, which is something that I find important in a Bible. With four children, ripped and torn pages happen often in our books; thin pages in a Bible could precipitate this, however, I don’t think it would with this Bible.
The font stands out and is very readable, making the He Reads Truth Bible suitable for many situations, much more than just personal devotions. Overall, it reads well and the pages turn with little to no pages sticking together.

Extra-Biblical Information

There is quite a bit of information throughout this Bible that is not always in Scripture, or is not always clear in Scripture. The information contained within is very useful. So much so that when I received the Bible later in the week and realized the goldmine of information therein, I actually used some of the notes and sections within it for some of my last-minute sermon preparation. There are timelines for each book, lists of emotions for the Psalms, and many articles and notes regarding various aspects of theology and doctrine which readers will greatly benefit from as they dig in.

At the beginning of each book of the Bible, there is a beautifully presented piece of Scripture artwork based on a key verse or passage from that book. One then goes right into the timeline, background, and the message and purpose of the book, helping the reader get into a more appropriate mindset of what might have been going on while the book was written, or regarding the time period that the book covers. Lastly, on that page, there is a small section called “Give Thanks for the Book of…”, which is a wealth of information and a great resource on not only why we should be thankful for each book of the Bible, but often how that connects with the entirety of Scripture, making the reading a more enjoyable and deeper experience.

One last (but not the last) feature of each book is that there are individualized reading plans for each book of the Bible. While there are plans for reading through the entirety of the Bible, not often do you find ones tailored to specific books of the Bible. This is a nice touch, especially for those seeking to read through a particular book over time for some reason or another.

In Conclusion…

In concussing, the He Reads Truth Bible from B&H Publishing is one that I plan on not only keeping in my repertoire as I preach and teach the Word of God, but moreso for my personal devotions, each morning as I wake and seek God in Scriptures. The quality of this Bible is so that I would recommend it for any man looking to learn more about Scripture and to grow in sanctification. While the Spirit is the one that works sanctification, I am glad that He has given the wisdom to the authors and editors of the articles, information, and infographics found within the He Reads Truth Bible.

Disclaimer: I received the He Reads Truth Bible for free from the publisher, B&H Publishing, for the purpose of a review.