I had a conversation recently with a couple men at the church I pastor, and during that conversation, I realized I need to help point them in the direction of solid resources that they can find online. So, on this page you will find various websites, blogs, podcasts, and the such that I continue to find helpful and want to share with you all.
Some of you may be familiar with some of the content, or maybe not. Either way, I pray you find it helpful.
P.S. This list will most likely be ever-evolving.

The BriefingAlbertmohler.com
The Briefing is a fantastic podcast to listen to, usually just shy of 25 minutes in length, released Monday through Friday of each week, for about 10 or so months of the year. The host of the podcast is Al Mohler, the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. And, this is (one of) Al Mohler’s element(s), taking on current events, usually hot-button topics, from a Christian world view, something that is hard to come by today. I highly recommend this for all Christians.

ESV.org is a wonderful website as an online ESV Bible. Obviously put out by Crossway, ESV.org is a great tool, and even the free version has great helps. It’s quick and simple and I highly recommend it!

Facts & Trends
Facts & Trends is a great collection of articles put out to help aid in many of the more practical things in ministry, from memorable baptisms to ideas for children/kid’s ministries. I have enjoyed every article that I have read on this site, and believe that everyone within the local church could be edified by such articles.

Tim Challies
Tim Challies is a prolific blogger, probably one of the most prolific bloggers anywhere of any type or genre. He puts out great content on a regular basis, and the almost daily “a La Carte” posts not only aggregate great content, but give you insight into some great deals on Amazon for Christian books.

500 Free eBooks from Monergism
Monergism.com write: “We believe the Church should have open access to Scripturally/Theologically sound edifying Christian literature and that one need not be held back from having a significant Christian library because of cost. Our ministry at Monergism involves providing quality Christian literature in accessible formats for free.”

Blue Letter Bible
Blue Letter Bible is one of the online go-to places for those seeking to do research who don’t have the physical books or the digital editions, such as Logos. Even then, as a pastor who does have Logos and many books, I find myself looking up passages and verses on Blue Letter Bible more often than I think I realize.

IX Marks Pastors’ Talk
IX Marks Pastors’ Talk is one of my all-time favorite podcasts covering the practical aspects of the Christian life as well as Christian ministry. Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman, along with the occasional guest(s) talk candidly but seriously regarding current events and how they can practically affect or shape ministry, both present and future, and how to biblically and lovingly respond to those issues. They also talk of many great topics more related to the pastorate, however beneficial and edifying to all.

Biblegateway.com is an incredible Bible resource. You can choose from scores f various translations of the Bible. It’s one of my go-to websites for getting a copy of a verse or passage in specific translations, or in one of the many languages they offer, as well. Biblegateway.com is worth it’s weight in gold to keep bookmarked on your browser.

The RASOM Bible Study Method by Doctrine and Devotion
This is an incredible help when it comes to Bible study. One of the things that the JoFo talk about when covering sermon preparation is to sometimes be ready to preach what you last read about in a personal devotion time. This method and the questions that are a part of that would make that much easier. I have learned a lot from using the RANSOM method from them.

So, this is what I have so far, however, as I said before, this is a work in progress!