My Digital Switch – Day 1

Well, today marks my first day of my journaling in a digital fashion, and it’s going well…I think. Honestly, as you may notice by the cover picture for this post, I’m having a hard time giving up on using a physical journal, and I may never fully give up on it. However, the bulk of my journaling will end up in my Logos Bible Software setup, which current looks like this:

Look at this from left to right…on the left, I have three tabs of the Bible, one for each section I read from (Proverbs, OT, NT, in that order). In the middle section there are two tabs. One is the passage guide (aggregates various resources for studying passages). The second tab is my prayer list. On the top-right I have open some commentaries. Those tabs will frequently change from day-to-day. The bottom right corner is my notes, where I have my “Morning Devotions” notebook that will be full of notes each day. Currently, I manually add anchors to the various passages/chapters I write about in a new note (Each day will have a new note). Right now, it is personal reflections on the verses/passages/chapters, followed by a prayer point, a way in which to pray that verse or its application in my life and the lives of others.

So, I think I am going to like this. Check back in a week or so for an update to see how I’m handling making the switch after almost 8 solid years of composition notebooks to a digital medium.