My Little Words Devotional – A Review

My Little Words Devotional – A Review

The My Little Words Devotional made my heart leap a little when given the chance to review the item. A devotion I can do with one of my younger children that is also a board book with, from the images I saw online, good illustrations that kids would cling on to.
However, when I received the book, there was one thing, one glaring thing, that was missing from its pages: Scriptures. But, we will talk about that towards the end.

The Book Itself…

The book itself is a well-made kids book. It has a very sturdy feeling, yet padded, front and back cover, along with board pages, which are essential in a young children’s book. And, it’s overall size is great for a kids book. Too big, and they’ll never be able to hold it, or if they can, it would be too cumbersome. Too small, and well, it would be pretty awkward.

The Content…

What is in this book is good, educational, God-glorifying, and sound. It goes over words, and ideas, such as Creation, Jesus, joy, kindness, faith, forgive, and more. While it doesn’t always define the words, it gives enough that parents will be able to easily explain them to their children. Are the words too much for the kids? I don’t think so, as children are much more intelligent that we think. And, what is one of my favorite elements of this little book are the short, child-friendly prayers. “God, thank You for forgiving me. Amen.” They are simple yet honest. There are many adults that I know who profess faith in Christ yet don’t thank God for their forgiveness.

The One Glaring Thing…

The reason I am so taken aback by the lack of Scripture (there is only one reference, Colossians 1:17, on the second-to-last page) is because this book is billed as a devotional, My Little Words Devotional, and one of the ways people learn about God and worship God is the reading of His word. Now, I don’t like giving a bad report on things, in any instance, but I cannot recommend this book for use as a devotion because of the lack of Scriptures. If someone were to do that, I would highly recommend that they take the time to find a verse that soundly correlates with each of the words that this book goes through.

In Conclusion…

When all is said and done, if my wife were to see this in a bookstore and look at it for use with our children, she would put it back because of the lack of Scripture. There are other uses, however, that it can serve, mainly being as an educational tool. And this is the very purpose for which we are using it now.

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Disclaimer: This book was sent to me for a review by (B&H Publishing and LifeWay).