My Wife Has A Realization About Logos Bible Software

My Wife Has A Realization About Logos Bible Software

I have a 2015 MacBook Pro that I’ve been using solidly for 2 years now, originally purchased for a job that I’m not longer at, but still loving it. Sure, it’s going on three years, but it still works almost perfectly. You see, for some reason, every time I restart my MacBook (or shut it down and then later turn it back on), it brings up a “Setting up this Mac” screen, which is usually reserved for after updates or when you first purchase and turn on your computer. And, it does this every. Single. Time. No biggie. But, when I was at an Apple store recently (I don’t remember why we were there) I mentioned to the tech what was happening, and he said I should get it checked out. My wife agreed. However, there is a chance this would mean a week without my MacBook. We have other computers, however, it’s been maybe six weeks now and I haven’t set up an appointment yet.


Logos Bible Software. There are two things. First, my current MacBook Pro runs the software better than any other computer we have, by far. Secondly, to get it running on one of the other computers would take a really long time (As it would on most any computer). And, at that point, I was about to start a five-week stretch of Pulpit supply, two weeks at one church, and three at another, including Easter Sunday. Being without my MacBook wasn’t the issue, it was being without the full potential of Logos Bible Software is why I have waited.

Now, for my wife’s realization. We were in the car going somewhere, or coming back, I am not sure, but it was last week, at some point during our spring break. I mentioned now that I don’t have any assignments for April for pulpit supply, I will make that appointment for my MacBook at the Apple Store. My wife said something to the effect of, “Logos really does help you out then, doesn’t it?” I perked up and told her that I think it saved me at least 15-20 hours per week during Seminary, and it’s an incredible tool at one’s disposal.

Why Logos? Why not another option?

When I was looking for Bible Software, I looked around. I had been using OliveTree’s software for a while, and it’s nice. Very intuitive and user-friendly, even to this day! I remember getting a coupon code for Calvin’s Commentaries at The Gospel Coalition National Conference in 2013. I toyed a bit with Accordance, however, I just couldn’t get the hang of it, it was just a bit clunky to me (I’m sure many Accordance users will tell me that Logos is the clunky one!). In the end, I ended up purchasing Logos, a far more expensive option, because of the bang for your buck. Yes, it’s expensive (the recommended Gold Base Package for those in Seminary is $1549, before any academic or other discounts). The academic discounts are nice, as well, and they vary depending on where you go to school.

Back to the bang for your buck. The Standard Gold Base Package comes with 731 Library Resources (which equals to over 1,000 books, as “Library Resources” counts commentary sets, I think, as an individual resource). And, they have the Logos Free Book of the Month, which usually comes along with the option to grab one or two more for two or three dollars more per resource, so, for as little as $5, you can grab some great books for cheap.

Now let’s move on from the value of Logos (wow, as I’m reading this, I feel like I’m making a sales pitch. I promise, at the time of posting, I do not work for Logos, am not receiving anything for this post, and have not been contacted or asked to write this post). I have been married for 10 years and I have four children. When I started taking seminary classes online with Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, it was about a month before my third child was born. I was working full-time as a child welfare case manager. I was working part-time as the director of Family Ministry and Outreach at my church. Time was something I didn’t have much of. So, purchasing Logos was an investment I made months before starting classes. And boy am I glad that I did. In my Theology class, we had to write a Theology of The Word of God in Acts, 2 Timothy, and Hebrews. And we had to utilize at least 20 different sources (remember, Wikipedia does NOT count!). You see where I’m going, right? MBTS has a great online library, however, the way the Logos Libraries are built provides superior access and speed in finding what you’re looking for in individual works. It saved me loads of time.

I’m not saying that seminary was easy (it wasn’t) or that it magically didn’t take much time because of Logos, it just took a lot less time that it would have otherwise, allowing me to be able to spend precious time with my family (nevermind the fact that I didn’t have to drag an entire library or sets of books with me when my third child was born!).

Logos Bible Software has been a tremendous help for me, as a student, as a leader within the local church, and as serving local churches as pulpit supply. Yes, Logos is a big investment, and there are many other options, including many that are free that you can find online. Logos isn’t the answer for everyone, and nothing ever is an answer for everyone (unless you’re doing math, and 2+2=4, there’s your free answer). However, Bible software is an exceptional tool to aid in ministry in so many ways, from Bible studies and sermon preparation to Biblical counseling and personal devotions. I even use the software in helping with home school lessons with my children (and we are toying with the idea of using Logos to aid us in teaching our kids Greek).

In the end, I am so very glad that my wife had that realization. I don’t know if she had it right at that time in the car or sometime before then, but she had it. I praise God for Logos (Faithlife) and I pray for the work they do on a regular basis.

Soli Deo Gloria

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