Pass It On – A Review

Pass It On A Proverbs Journal for the Next Generation – A Review

I love the idea of having a devotional that I can fill out and then eventually hand off to one of my children. For example, the Journibles by the 17:18 Series are incredible, writing out Scripture verse by verse, book by book. So, when I was given the opportunity to review Pass It On, regarding the book of Proverbs, I was excited. I read the book of Proverbs every month, reading the chapter that corresponds with the day of the month.

Inside The Journal

The content of Pass It On is great. The opening pages of the devotional journal is a great preview of Proverbs as well as the intent and purpose for this particular journal. The reference point that is held in those opening pages are great, something that I have found myself looking back upon (as well as being pointed back there by some of the questions), and finding extremely helpful.

Once you get into the chapters, the entire text of each chapter is printed there, so this is something that you can bring with you and work on without having to bring extra books or pulling up the Scriptures on your phone. Now, I am not endorsing this as a substitute for reading from your Bible, just that having the text there makes this for something that can be brought with you and worked on virtually anywhere.
Moving beyond the Scriptures, each chapter goes through the same pattern, which I believe will help the person receiving this later on (after I have finished it, I’m giving it to Kirby, my oldest). It opens with “Identifying a Verse” and why that verse stands out to you. And it gets deeper from there, connecting each chapter to Christ.
My favorite part of each chapter is the “Personalizing A Prayer” section, in which you really get to open up and give the person a glimpse into your view of their lives. I cannot wait until my daughter receives this and reads through it. I am not sure at what point after I am done I will give this to her, however, it is my prayer that she is challenged and blessed whenever I do.

Left To Desire…

Content wise, there is nothing more than I can think of to ask for regarding Pass It On, except to say that I think there should be one blank page per chapter in which I could write more, or maybe my daughter could use to write some of her thoughts on when she is going through this at some point later in life. The other two things that I think Pass It On would benefit from are a page marker ribbon and the ability to lay it out flat. The ribbon would help mark the page/chapter you’re on without having to dig through to find the last page you worked on. To some it might seem trivial, but I think that a ribbon would add to the elegance of it (and, honestly, it’s a luxury that I have gotten used to).

As for being able to lay it flat, I must admit that my handwriting isn’t all that great, or readable. And when I have to hold a journal down to be able to write in it, it compounds my messiness. However, this is a special-use journal, not one that I, or anyone, would be taking copious notes in, filling each page from top to bottom, leaving no room for anything more.

In Conclusion…

When it comes down to it, Pass It On is a great asset for both the giver and the receiver. It is immensely personal and has potential eternal implications for both. I am looking forward to completing this journal and eventually giving it to my daughter. And then again (doing another one) for my son, and eventually my other two children. I highly recommend Pass It On as a great, useful, and highly personal gift for someone.

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Disclaimer: I received this book from New Growth Press for the purpose of a review.