The CSB Kids Bible – A Review

The CSB Kids Bible

I enjoy Bibles; I have a lot of them, and sometimes my wife groans a bit when I get another, even if it comes free (or inexpensive, like the one I got from the thrift store the other day). However, this one was exciting for both of us! The CSB Kids Bible is a great looking Bible and sometime to help engage children in the Word of God.


I’ll admit, when I get a package, it arrives at a business office and they send me an email about it. Yes and no, it’s arriving at my work…as well as my residence, so when I received the email that I had a package awaiting, I honestly had no idea what it was. I had forgotten that I had ordered the CSB Kids Bible, so, I went to get the package with an eager anticipation of finding out what surprise awaited me! So, when I got opened the box and saw its contents, I was pleasantly surprised. As soon as I got back into the house, my son was reading at the dining room table to my wife. We immediately replaced whatever he was reading with the CSB Kids Bible, and had him read John 1:1, and he did so beautifully.

So, later on, I asked my son what he thought of the Bible, and he liked it. Part of the reason he likes it is because he thinks it looks cool (something that matters to a 7-year-old boy), and that he can read it. While we primarily use the ESV in our home, I am happily going to let him practice reading from this Bible and to learn more from it’s pages.

The Content…

Like a traditional study Bible is aimed for an old audience (teens and up), the Kids Bible’s contents are aimed towards kids. I love how simple some of the explanations are regarding various things, from book introductions to explaining various sections, such as “The Books of the Minor Prophets”. Regarding Hosea, it reads, “HOSEA expresses God’s love for His sinful people, Israel. Similarly, Christ expresses God’s love as a sacrifice for all sinful people.” (in between pages 948-949). Not only educational and informative, the CSB Kids Bible does a great job at pointing Scriptures towards Christ, something that children might not otherwise see.

Perhaps my favorite thing in here finds itself in the beginning, called “Bible Skills” with different levels. One of the major problems facing the current and upcoming generations of believers and their families is a decline in Biblical literacy. It is important, as I firmly believe in the saying “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” The Bible Skills outlined will not only help children, as they mature, become more Biblically literate, but also serve as a basic, bare-bones outline for a parent looking to put together ideas and goals for family worship. As Jonathan Edwards said, “Every Christian family ought to be as it were a little church,”.

In Conclusion…

Overall, the CSB Kids Bible is a great Bible for children, one not just made for children to be interested in, but to help raise up young disciples to not only read the Scriptures, but to engage with them. While I will continue to preach from the ESV translation, the team over at Holman behind the CSB Bible are slowly winning me over for use of the CSB in family worship and homeschooling. The CSB Kids Bible is Bible worth having in the home for your children. Go buy it.

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Disclaimer: This book was sent to me for a review by (B&H Publishing and LifeWay). 

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