The CSB Notetaking Bible – A Review

The CSB Notetaking Bible – A Review

The Christian Standard Bible (CSB) is a relatively new translation, set to replace the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB), and has been taking many people by storm. The translation is solid, and I have seen more and more of it around the internet and in some more publications. Translation asisde, I truly enjoyed the opportunity to review the CSB Notetaking Bible.

The Book Itself…

The one that I received is the Sage Cloth over Board edition, which is a hard-cover Bible with some beautiful artwork on the cover. However, the hard-cover isn’t so stiff; there is a pliability which I enjoy, giving it just enough bend to be a little flexible, but hard enough that it stays well in place when on a lap or other non-flat surface (which in all reality, it’ll be someone’s lap or on a table or stand of sorts). Aesthetically, it’s a very beautiful Bible, while remaining eternally useful.

The Insides…

The layout of the pages of the Bible are, in my opinion, spot-on for notetaking work, whether sitting in the pews taking sermon notes or writing short notations on passages during your daily devotional time. With 1.75-inch margins for taking notes, the fact that this is a single-column Bible makes so much more sense, as I have seen some double-column notetaking Bibles, and there is just not really enough space for that to be practical.
My single favorite thing about this, as I was looking through the pages of God’s Word, is no footnotes, reference marks, or anything. It’s just chapter and verse along with the respective pericope headings. This is a nice change, as it is not something you see much outside of a “Reader’s edition” where there just the text, like a book.

Another enjoyable feature is the concordance, which, for a smaller Bible, is pretty robust. While not the biggest, the concordance is very nice and user friendly. You find the word you’re looking for, like “Woman”, and below it are listed places it’s used with an abbreviated portion of the verse. I cannot complain.

The maps located in the back are also a very nice feature, and very vibrantly colored, making them much easier to understand.

The final feature within this is something that should be in every type of notetaking Bible (and is, as far as I am aware), and that is a year-long reading plan. A reading plan allows the reader to go through the Bible in one year. The reading plan is a seven-day per week plan with the first day being several chapters from Psalms. The rest of the week is two to four chapters from the Old Testament along with a shorter reading through the New Testament, taking you through both the Old and New Testaments once in the given year.  This style of reading plan allows not only for the reading of the entirety of God’s Word in one year, it allows ample time for notetaking as you read, to fill the margins with notes, thoughts, and prayers as you read the Word of God.

In Conclusion…

In conclusion, The CSB Notetaking Bible is an excellent Bible for both personal devotions and every-use. And, what peaks my interest in notetaking Bibles, is the idea of using it for one’s devotions, taking notes in it throughout the course of a year, could lead to a great future tift to give a child or grandchild as they, Lord willing, growing their walks with God. An old acquaintance of mine once asked his grandson what kind of Bible he wanted to have to take to seminary with him, and the young man asked his grandfather for his Bible, which was a wide-margined Bible, filled with years and years of notes. And, as far as I know, the man happily handed his Bible over. A gift such as that would mean more to me than most anything, and I would love to be able to give such gifts to my children in years to come.

I highly recommend the CSB Notetaking Bible to anyone and everyone, from children to adults, and everywhere in-between.

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Disclaimer: This book was sent to me for a review by (B&H Publishing and LifeWay).