The CSB Worldview Study Bible – A Review

The CSB Worldview Study Bible – A Review

Over the past year or so, Holman has really been putting themselves out there with the Christian Standard Bible (CSB), ramping up their marketing game, which is something that is usually dominated by Crossway and the English Standard Version (ESV). I have reviewed and used a few other CSB Bibles (Spurgeon Study Bible, Apologetics Study Bible, and a few more that I use regularly), and the Worldview Study Bible holds up with the best of them.

Physical Attributes…

First, the edition that was provided for reviews (Thanks LifeWay and B&H!) is very nice! The Navy Leather Touch is a very nice feeling and usable cover, flexible and it lays out flat when opened, which is a must for many readers, myself included. It has two ribbons, which is very useful because many read through portions of the New and Old Testaments at the same time. It’s really a beautiful Bible that, despite being a Study Bible, has the practicality and size for possible use as a preaching Bible. There are not many Study Bibles that one can say that about.


I think the single most important factor is that, as far as I have noticed, the CSB Worldview Study Bible doesn’t skew in any particular direction. Case in point: On page 7, you have “Creation: Why an Old Earth View is Defensible,” followed immediately by “Creation: A Young Earth Perspective,” on page 9. And, the topics range from anything to everything, from Elderly Care all the way to Engaging LGBT Advocates; from Child Rearing to Issues in Medical Ethics. The topics covered have been great and I have benefited from some of the articles in my personal life and ministry.

In Conclusion…

This is a great Bible which will almost definitely find a permanent spot on (or very near to) my desk and sermon go-to material. I highly recommend this to anyone who studies God’s Word. Well, in all reality, I think all Christians would benefit and be edified from this particular study Bible because it is well versed in many of the cultural anomalies that ail our society today. The CSB is a great translation, and the Worldview Study Bible complements that in a very deliberately effective way.

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me for a review by (B&H Publishing and LifeWay). 

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