The Monday Mess…On A Tuesday!

Welcome to the Monday Tuesday Morning Mess! This Monday, well, honestly, the past week, has been a bit of a mess. All four of my children have gotten sick. And, as usual, not at the same time so it’s been a week-long affair. My wife and I are exhausted! But, as we are exhorted to do in 1 Thessalonians 5, we rejoice, pray, and give thanks (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)!

I honestly don’t remember much about the weekend beyond driving two and from Sandwich, IL, and the preaching in between. I preached through the entirety of 2 Peter 2 on the topic of False Teachers (and that false teachers are bad!). The sermon notes, on Saturday night, were a jumbled mess. I talked with my pastor on the phone Saturday evening about a few things, none of which were my sermon prep, and he mentioned something he saw on social media. Someone posted a quote about God sometimes giving you that last little bit of grace and wisdom to finish up something at the last-minute. And a few hours after that, it played out in my life! Praise the Lord! The structure I had been looking for in the text (2 Peter 2:1-22) was sitting right at the beginning, starting at me in the first three verses of the chapter. It was almost as if an outline suddenly appeared in front of me for the chapter. So, what did I do? I stayed up for two hours and reworked and tweaked my sermon outline for Sunday morning, and I think it went well. I was given several words of affirmation, of people who enjoyed the sermon, and it was a real blessing to be there again.

Now that it’s Tuesday morning, that means I’ve survived Monday and I’m tired and a jumbled mess! Tonight should be a good night and I should (hopefully) sleep well, Lord willing. I thank Him and give Him all the glory!

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