The Monday Morning Mess – August 13th

The Monday Morning Mess – August 13th

Welcome again to my Monday Morning Mess! This week, I preached again at Emmanuel Church in Sandwich, IL, continuing on in my series on the Christian Life from 1 Peter. My text this week? 1 Peter 3:8-22, on living a godly life amidst suffering. As I am not a full-time pastor, my sermon preparation time is sometimes not what it should be (as I have other duties that I attend to), so going in, I was nervous, I wasn’t too happy with my outline. I was happy with my studying, however. But, I really enjoyed preaching this sermon. 

There were a total of 32 people (myself included) in worship yesterday morning at Emmanuel Church, which I think is the largest group there I have preached to, except for maybe when I preached there on Easter. 

After church, I drove home and then my family and I went to a local pool along with our pastor, his family, and other members of our home church, which is Transformation Church in South Chicago Heights. They did the same last August, which was nice, but this year, it wasn’t the same Sunday the girls came back (for us); we still have six days before that happens! Woohoo! However, we are starting our “Professional Development” this week, it’s going to be a good week. 

Well, that’s it for my Monday Morning Mess, unless you want me to really get into detail about how crazy our Monday Mornings are…which might be really interesting (but I’m probably not going to do that!) And, as I get the audio for them, I will post them here on the Mess (As well as on my sermons page, HERE).

Have a great week!  

Here is the audio for my sermon from yesterday, August 12, 2018 on 1 Peter 3:8-22:

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