The Monday Morning Mess – August 20th, 2018

Welcome to this morning’s mess! My mess! And what a beautiful mess it is! 

Yesterday, I preached from 1 Peter 4:1-11, which was my eighth sermon from 1 Peter, and I have been enjoying my series that I’ve come to call “The Christian Life From Start To Finish.” While my preaching pulpit supply went well today, I had a heavy heart and many doubts going into it, even as I walked up to the pulpit. 

I will not (and really cannot) go into details, but the past few weeks have been very difficult, with last week being especially so going back to professional development at work. And then on Saturday, my wife and I received some news that was a shock to us, something that we weren’t expecting, which left a bit of a bitter taste in our mouths (it wasn’t the news itself, per se, but the delivery of said news). All of this coupled with not having my normal amount of sermon preparation time during the week had me in prayer, really pleading with God to speak through me, to give me the words and everything I needed for preaching yesterday morning. And glory to God, He was there. Why? Because our God is a faithful God and His Word will NEVER return to Him void (Isaiah 55). And I praise Him for that. 

I was listening to the Doctrine and Devotion podcast on Sermon Preparation on the way to the church (80 minute drive), and one of the things that Joe and Jimmy talked about on there is how much we have for sermon prep is exactly how much time God needed us to have for prep. So, this morning after I finished, the congregation was very affirming of the message, letting me know that it had some of it’s desired affect. Praise the Lord!

Now, I am sitting at my computer typing this, exhausted. The school year starts again, and we have six residential students (2-4th graders) in our home for the week (and every week throughout the school year), and my body and mind are both beyond exhausted given the events of the past few weeks. But, as it says to do in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, I rejoice, I pray, and I give thanks in all of it, as it is God’s will! Praise the Lord! 

I will probably have another post about some of the goings-on in our lives this week, but I cannot promise anything. 

Soli Deo Gloria, my friends!