The Monday Morning Mess – October 29th

It’s Monday! Welcome to what many think is the worst day of the week. I don’t. It’s the best day of the week. Why? One day closer to Friday again! (And, my weeks start Sunday night…).

This past weekend was a hoot. We were all recovering from loss of sleep after almost two weeks of sick kids and adults. It was a miserable two weeks, but, we had fun.When Friday rolled around, we were ecstatic, really looking forward to being able to relax a bit now that everyone seemed to be over being sick.

On Saturday, we took our kids and our neighbor’s kids to Cici’s Pizza and then to the “Grand Re-Opening” of a nearby Meijer’s store, which was fun. They got faces painted, airbrush tattoos, balloon creations, and participated in a scavenger hunt of sorts through the store. As a reward, they got water bottles, and boy were they excited. We then headed home and the neighbor kids got picked up a little bit after that. While I was exhausted, it really was a good day. All the kids had a great time. I ate some good tasting Cici’s pizza buffet (which really isn’t all that bad!), and we had fun!

Sunday was a pretty good day, as well. My oldest and I traveled to Emmanuel Church in Sandwich, IL, where I finished preaching through 2 Peter, and marked the seventeenth Sunday that I have preached at that church. It truly has been a blessing being there, and an encouragement. The church seems to receive the proclamation of the Gospel well, but there are never any responses. Part of that, I believe, is because I don’t think I have ever seen anyone new in the pews when I have been preaching. And, when I think it is someone new, it’s just someone that hasn’t been there because of illness or the like. The church has a heart for ministry and reaches some youth. And they evangelize. They recently called a man to be their pastor who will be transitioning to that role from out-of-stated in the beginning of 2019, and it is my prayer that the Word is faithfully preached and God give growth to the church in that community.

There is a lot going on in our lives, but I don’t have the energy nor the time to continue with this mess, as it’s already messy enough! Seriously, though, have a great week and God bless!

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