The Weekly (almost…hehe) Nerd – July 17, 2020

Wow. It’s been over two months since my last post. A lot has been going on, and my blog took the furthest back, back seat available. Welcome back.

Today’s Top Read:

Preach, Pray, Love, and Stay
I have heard Mark Dever talk about these four words in a podcast, one of the Pastors’ Talk episodes no doubt, and they encouraged me then. They lift me up now.
When I was interviewing with Capitol Hill Baptist Church before they called me to be their pastor, someone asked me if I had a program or plan to implement for growth. Perhaps to this person’s surprise (and perhaps to yours too!), I responded that I didn’t really have any great plans or programs to implement. I was just armed with four P’s—I would preach, pray, develop personal discipling relationships, and be patient. In other words, preach and pray; love and stay.

Five Words to Avoid in Sermons
“However, good sermons, like good meals, do not just happen. They are intentionally crafted by bringing together essential elements. In the case of preaching, one essential element is key words. Determining which words to add and which to subtract is an indispensable component of sermon preparation.”

Five Words That Strengthen Any Sermon
“The point is not so much eloquence as it is intentionality. Over the years, as I have monitored my own preaching and observed others, I have come to realize how intentionally using a few key words will strengthen most any sermon.”

What Does It Mean That an Elder Must Be…
I love articles that tackle the Word of God in an expositional way, looking at the verse and what it says. What is said to the original audience. What it says to us. I get articles such as these from Crossway a lot via email. Here is one that I really enjoyed.

17 Terrible Pieces of Ministry Advice
“Thankfully, most church leaders have had access to solid training, teaching, and mentoring. But unfortunately, most have also received some harmful pointers when it comes to ministry.” This is a great article. Not only because it’s fun, but because I, and many other pastors, have heard multiple things from this list given to us as advice.