The Weekly Nerd – April 21st, 2020

Seriously, one day, I will be able to stop typing “2020”. That day will be January 1, 2021…and even then, I’ll type it then correct it from 2020 to 2021…

Recently on the Blog: I wrote a review for an excellent book on Expository Preaching, From & Before God, A Review

Tuesday’s Top read:

3 Lessons from a Decade of Teaching Online
“Over the past few weeks all of my pastor friends have done the unthinkable and become televangelists. Among the many disruptions caused by the coronavirus, church leaders have found themselves suddenly faced with the challenge of shepherding their flocks without actually gathering corporately. This means that churches everywhere, many for the first time, are exploring how to deliver teaching content online.”

Focus On A Few Good Men
This is a great message (or read, if you’d rather read it) regarding discipleship. Incredible. I loved it and you will, too.
“So, these three juniors, instead of retreating to the new North Village and its obvious attraction, lived in a freshman dorm, with a door to their apartment on our hall. And it would be hard for me to overstate the impact of these three men, under God, on me as a freshman in college, and on my life since. They befriended me. Invited me to Campus Outreach events. Dragged me to 6:00am prayer meetings. And Faamata in particular drew me into a small Bible study with freshmen on our hall that grew into a regular discipling relationship with him for three or four of us.”

7 Habits of Those Who Love the Light
“Last week we saw that people choose spiritual darkness over light because they love to cling to their sins. Their allergy is caused by their love of darkness. Much like I would have preferred the cure to be administered without pain, many folks want the gospel, but without the needle prick of repentance. But much like an EpiPen, the cure is only effective if administered with the pain of turning from your sin in repentance.”

9 Doctrines You Need to Know Today
Here, one of my favorite authors, Don Whitney, talks about doctrine, and some of the main ones all Christians should know.

Where’s God When COVID-19 Kills My Business?
“In a few short weeks, COVID-19 has flipped our society. We now live in a world where disease lurks around the corner, and for some, death isn’t far behind. We practice self-quarantines and social isolation, resulting in major financial hardships for those who own and operate small businesses.”