The Weekly Nerd – December 20th, 2017

Welcome to the Weekly Nerd! I hope you enjoy your stay!

My Weekly Favorite:

How To Build the Death Star – Star Wars The Last Jedi just released last week (and it was, to quote Jared C. Wilson, “amazeballs”), so, in honor of star wars, here is a mesmerizing CGI video on how the Death Star would be build in real life

Gravity Doesn’t Seem to Aply to These Wildly Talented Card Jugglers – This is just wow. Almost beat out Star Wars for my favorite this week. Completely amazing! And, no magnets, strings, or CGI. I want to learn how to do this….

It’s Okay to Have Books You Haven’t Read – Why is more books not necessarily a bad thing? “An antilibrary is a powerful reminder of your limitations – the vast quantity of things you don’t know, half know, or will one day realize you’re wrong about.”

Church Planters Are Farmers, Not Rock Stars – Tony Merida from Acts 29 really drives the point home that Church planting isn’t a celebrity-pastor harvest, but down in the dirt farming. “Farmers are anything but rock stars. They get up early and work. They sow, plow, toil, and protect. In all of it, they beg God for rain.”

Wayback When

Know When to Walk Away – A Twelve-Step Digital Detox – This. Yes, this. This is what we need for ourselves and our kids and our entire families. It reminds me of how Chick-Fil-A, for a while, had their “cell phone boxes” to keep you off your phone while you ate.