The Weekly Nerd – February 11th, 2020

I can’t stop typing 2020…it’s the easiest year to type out since 2010 (for me, anyways).

Tuesday’s Top Read:

Suicides Increase for Missouri Farmers and Ranchers
“According to a new report from several state agencies, including the Missouri Farm Bureau, there are several factors that led to a 78% spike in rural suicides between 2003 and 2017.”

The Death of Decency in the American Mind
“These days, something as benign as leaving a shopping cart in a parking lot or putting a dog in the backyard is enough to make Americans despise each other. It seems that the era of general agreement about what makes a person “good” is over.”

The Importance of What We Do In Secret
What we do when no one else is watching, when no one else can see, is what is of great importance. Would we do what we do in secret…in public? In front of friends? Family? Our church? Just think about that for a minute….and read this article.

Acts 29 CEO Removed Amid “Accusation of Abusive Leadership”
This is an excellent article covering what is, in some circles, a hot-button topic. Here is my disclaimer: I know nothing of the internal going-ons of Acts 29. With that being said, if the allegations are true, I am glad that leadership within Acts 29 took swift action. And it appears they are doing it lovingly, as they pray regarding reconciliation and the such.

Never Take a Verse Out of Context Again
Context is king, I have heard many say when it comes to Bible study. We must know the surrounding context of a verse or passage in order to more rightly understand it. This resource, while I have not yet used it exhaustively, I have so far been impressed by this resource and feel that it would be a boon to any student of Scripture.