The Weekly Nerd – February 21st

Welcome to The Weekly Nerd! This week is brought to you by the cold, icy rain in and around Chicago!

My Weekly Favorite:

Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung Volcano Eruption Photos – These are some stunning photos and video of a volcanic eruption and the dangers therein, as this volcano has taken lives in the recent past. While the author writes that the photos “Are Spooky As Hell”, I honestly thing they are but a taste of what Hell might be like, and a beautiful display of God’s majesty and sovereignty.

10 Point Sermons Checklist – “The test of whether you clearly understand any passage is that you can explain it to your hearers in accessible language.”

How To Be An Offensive Preacher – “Stephen and Paul were recorded using some strong choice words for their audiences. Should we follow their example and use more severe language to reach our hearers?” This is a great read by Al Mohler who answers this questions so eloquently and Biblically. I think pastors, church leaders, and laypeople alike should save this article and give it a read from time to time.

Three Things to Know About Korean Christianity – With the Winter Olympics going on , and almost over, here is some interesting information about Christianity in Korea. “Where do the Olympic athletes representing other countries worship in South Korea? Christian leaders in South Korea have called upon churches to make the Winter Olympics a “Missions Olympics,” encouraging congregations and pastors to be active in evangelizing to the thousands of athletes and officials visiting South Korea.”

The Secret on the Ocean Floor – An intriguing article about mining, spycraft, Howard Hughs, and history! I really enjoyed this article as it almost sounds like the plot of a  best-selling spy novel, when in all reality, it was reality. 

Is God Calling You To Go Home? – So many people, myself included, leave where they grew up with no desire or expectation of ever moving back, and yet, God might be calling you to go do just that.