The Weekly Nerd – February 5th, 2020

Welcome to the February 5th Edition of The Weekly Nerd. Please, enjoy your stay and play nice with the other…kids.

Wednesday’s Top Read:

Teach Kids How to Get Around Without a Smartphone
Children see us so dependent on our phones for directions that many are being raised to think that using GPS is the only way to get around. We must intentionally take the time to teach them the skill of using a map or even asking for directions. Remember the time before smartphones and GPS….

Beware the Complacency of “Once Saved, Always Saved”
“If we see that God was willing to cut off branches from his own original tree because of their unbelief, why would we (who have been grafted somewhat unnaturally into this Jewish tree) ever think we can get away with the very things that got them removed?
The same transgressions that got Israel removed from the tree—compromise, taking their salvation for granted, giving lip-service to God, and going through religious motions without their hearts really belonging to him—are rampant within the church today.”

Why Prayer Often Feels Impossible
“We all live with a gap between who we are and who we want to be. There’s a gap between where we are today and where we hope to be in a later stage of maturity. This gap can lead us to feel guilt and shame, or it can serve as an invitation—an invitation to a deeper life, to pray, and to get started even now. “

Americans Feel Confident In Their Ability to Cook This One Meal…
Eggs, eggs, more eggs…and French Toast. But don’t worry, we still screw those up, too. This is a fun and eye-opening article on cooking. We teach our children to cook from an early age, and it takes hold. One morning, completely unawares, my son cooked himself scrambled eggs like a champ. Hopefully, he will learn to cook more than that!

Should My Husband Pray With Me More?
The short answer: YES.
For the long answer, read (or listen to) the article linked above from Ask Pastor John (Piper).

The God’s of the Prosperity Gospel
The “prosperity gospel” is a cancerous false-gospel that is far reaching, nearly to the same places and extent as we see the one True Gospel. However, it takes such an ugly hold and promises people what is not promised in Scripture. This article is a great educational tool to help not only see and recognize, but understand why people often flock to this false teaching. And, Lord willing, drive us all to pray.

4 Ways to do Bible Centered Family Worship
“How can parents mold their children after God’s character? Regular feeding on Christ in Lord’s Day worship is the proper starting point. Constant prayer is required. Instructing children along the way, through life’s typical joys and sorrows, is also most necessary.”