The Weekly Nerd – First-Day-of-Summer-Vacation Friday Edition! May 25, 2018

Welcome to The Weekly Nerd! The last day of school (where I work) was yesterday! Yay for time off!

First Summer Favorite

Great Things Take Time
While the article itself is about investing, it is practical for most every aspect of life, especially ministry. And, the opening illustration could definitely be used as a sermon illustration.

The Wrath of God Poured Out – The Humiliation of the Southern Baptist Convention
“We cannot blame a requirement of priestly celibacy. We cannot even point to an organized conspiracy of silence within the denominational hierarchy. No, our humiliation comes as a result of an unorganized conspiracy of silence. Sadly, the unorganized nature of our problem may make recovery and correction even more difficult and the silence even more dangerous.”

“Show Dogs” Controversial Scenes Being Cut
This is a great victory for family values in that studies actually do pay attention to the little people when it comes to something billed as a “family friendly” film. Good job to those who really lead the charge on this!

What Planned Parenthood Could Learn From Me: Being a teenage mom was hard, but it sure didn’t ruin my life
This is truly a wonderful opinion piece that goes in direct opposition to the narrative that Planned Parenthood often spews out, which is generally full of lies and other falsehoods. Bravo to you, Dr. Saphier (yes, this teenage mom is now an M.D.), and do the many others who choose life over murder. And to those who have had an abortion, there is forgiveness that can be found in the loving arms of our Father in Heaven.

How to Make Your Home Office Work For You
I wish I had this article a few years ago. This is a great read for those who work full time from home or just have a home-based hobby.

Eagle Snatches Fox Holding Rabbit In Mouth
Breathtaking. Amazing. Wow.

What Does the Church Most Need Today?
“Again in our time, the church must be called to listen to the Word of God. The churches of America too often seem interested in following other voices than the voice of God. For decades, some churches have taught that the Bible is not fully and truly the Word of God.”