The Weekly Nerd Friday Edition – April 13, 2018

Welcome to the Friday the 13th Edition of The Weekly Nerd!

This Week’s Review – Eschatological Discipleship, a great read by Trevin Wax! Go buy it!

My Favorite for Friday:

The Burden of All These Little Gods – “I’d shake your hand, but mine is full with all these little gods. They weren’t so big when they first caught my eye. They weren’t so ugly either. No, they were pretty, when we first met, these little gods and I. And they fit so comfortably to the shape of my hand, so smoothly in my grasp, it was as though I was meeting a dear old friend. Thus I put them on, like rings, just to enjoy for a little while, but they are rather reluctant to leave. So my hands are heavy, but aren’t they beautiful, with all these little gods?” Just skimming through this article convicted me. When I read it through, I cried.

How To Tell If Your Facebook Data Was Stolen By Cambridge Analytica – There’s going to be a reckoning to companies such as Facebook and the such as people begin to realize the free-access we have given companies to everything about us, from our happiest moments to our deepest, darkest secrets that we would otherwise not want anyone to know.

Racism, Sin, & Scripture: A Response to Thabiti Anyabwile – “I am flummoxed over much of the discussion about race going on in the evangelical world right now. There are several contributing factors to my bewildered state, not the least of which is that brothers with whom I share deep theological convictions and from whom I have learned so much address the issue in ways that I find unhelpful and at points, unbiblical.” I couldn’t have put it better. And Tom, you had me at “flummoxed.”

Choosing a College? Beware A Short-Sighted View – This is a great piece regarding college. No one told me that college would take part in shaping me for years to come (including now). I wish someone had. Maybe I would have chosen a different college.

Live-Action Mulan – With their live-action remakes of timeless classics, Disney has set the bar really, really high with Beauty and the Beast. Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies, and I am really nervous about a live action version. But, this article gives me a little hope!

People Who Like to Stay Up Later Have a Higher Chance of Early Death, Study Finds – I already knew I needed to get to bed earlier. “The study is only the latest to show the health risks of not being a morning person. But according to the authors, it’s the first population study of its kind to suggest that night owls are also closer to the grave. It’s also the first to suggest that gastrointestinal and neurological problems are more common among owls, they say.”