The Weekly Nerd – Friday Edition – August 17th

Welcome to the Friday Edition of The Weekly Nerd!

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Friday’s Best Read:

German lifeguards warn children are drowning as parents increasingly distracted by their mobile phones
“The German Lifeguard Association (DLRG) has linked a series of recent drownings to parents who were too busy with their mobile phones to keep proper watch over the children.” Being distracted, usually by one’s phone, is a rising cause for many harmful things happening, and this article, while it isn’t something I would have thought about, does not surprise me at all.

Apple Crime Blotter
I always enjoy reading this!

When The Pastor Came To Dinner
“Not only was I just four years old, I was also not cut out of the same cloth as the rest of my family. I was neither quiet, nor composed. I was certainly never predictable, and I didn’t really understand who our guest was.” This is a fun read!

The iMac Turns 20
I remember having one of these. And there’s a guy who turns the original iMacs into fish tanks. These were revolutionary machines, as I remember the company eMachines was quick to copy the look. The iMac did wonders for Apple when Steve Jobs came back on board.

Consequences of Sexual Sin
“I don’t want to go down this path. I once heard someone say that they’d rather have the Lord kill them than commit adultery. I know that I’m capable of it. By the grace of God, I want to fight against this. Though sexual sin is forgivable in Christ, there are consequences to consider. It’s helpful to consider the reaping of sowing.”

Deep Work for Pastors: Sermon Preparation
“Given the neediness of the church, the cultural pressures we face, and the general social upheaval of our times, how we preach has never been more important. That means our sermon preparation has never been more important either.”

Fighting (almost) Over French Fries
This is a great read on the human condition, when you look at it through the lens of the doctrines of depravity and sin.