The Weekly Nerd – Friday Edition – August 24th

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Friday’s Best Read:

Preaching with the Expectation of a Miracle
“Far too often, preachers labor in the office to craft their sermon, but not much time is spent in prayer as the preacher walks to the pulpit. In many cases the preacher prepares to speak well, but he doesn’t expect for God to do the unexpected. We must remember that preaching a good sermon is possible, but it requires the miracle of God to bring a lost sinner out of darkness into the marvelous light of Christ. Remember, as Charles Spurgeon once said in his sermon from Hosea 14:1-3 on Sunday, March 1st 1891—”The first motion toward reconciliation is never from the sinner, but always from God.””

Pastor, Your Pain Has A Purpose
“Our most difficult moments are the waves that throw us against the Rock of Ages. Of course it’s painful. Of course we don’t like it. But does our Father not know what we need most? He kindly reveals our inabilities, that we might treasure him as the only One who is able. He reminds us that planting churches is not about us.”

Believing The Worst About Reformed Theology
This is a great article and, in my thought, very helpful when speaking to one of those who seemingly will always believe the worst about reformed theology.

Give Your Kid A Secret Code To Help Them Get Out Of Sticky Situations
I know that I have posted similar articles before, but I do so again because it is something that I believe in. Something that I wish I had when I was growing up.

Android collects nearly 10 times more user data than Apple’s iOS
And this is another reason why I prefer iPhones over Androids. (Generally, my preference really isn’t a hardware or performance issue, when it comes to iOS versus Android OS).

What Calvinists and Arminians Can Agree On
“As pastors, we are called to shepherd souls very carefully. We are called to preach the Word, to be ready in season and out of season, but Paul reminds us to do so with great patience (2 Tim.4:2). Sometimes, it takes years to undo teachings that people received during their time in false religions. Sometimes, it takes years to undo teaching that people received during their time in churches that didn’t preach the Bible consistently.”

Raising Women In An Age Of Feminism
“With all the cultural confusion over gender-related issues, we may be tempted to panic and throw out the biblical playbook. But we must not flinch as we follow the gospel plan for raising our daughters. Neither can we be apathetic, assuming that a Christian home or a good church will inoculate our daughters against toxic feminist messages. We need to be alert and shrewd — preparing our daughters to discern and reject the false teaching about womanhood from our culture (1 Peter 5:8, Matthew 10:16). We should stick close to Scripture as we walk the same path of faithfulness as godly mothers before us.”