The Weekly Nerd – Friday Edition – May 18th

Welcome to the Friday Edition of The Weekly Nerd! The Tuesday edition was short due to the fact my website stopped working. By the time it was fixed, it was after the publishing time. C’est la vie!

Friday’s Finest:

Biblical Theology Will Help You See Jesus In All The Scriptures
This is an incredible article with a beautiful opening illustration that happens to be a true story. “We all can relate to this. The busyness of life, hurrying along to the next thing, and living nonstop until you drop can have the unintended effect of blinding us to what’s really important, what’s really beautiful, and what’s really precious, even if it happens to be right in front of us. Life in this fallen world can easily inoculate our hearts from feeling wonder and awe, even when we have the privilege of beholding something truly amazing and astounding and beautiful.” (The link in the article regarding the performance does not work. You can click HERE to see the original article).

School Bans Student From Saying ‘Jesus’ and Bible Verse in Speech Until Nonprofit Got Involved
More proof that, I would say most of our secular institutions are not just secular, but anti-Christian in many ways. Thankfully, the Alliance Defending Freedom was able to help, giving the student in question the freedom to exercise her rights.

Are There Carnal Christians? 
No. There aren’t. And here is the late R. C. Sproul to answer that questions much more eloquently than I. “One of the great and ghastly errors—not just error but heresy—that permeates the evangelical world today is the doctrine of the carnal Christian.”

Patterson, Abuse, and Misogyny
The JoFo at Doctrine and Devotion tackle the interesting and potentially volatile subject of the Southern Baptists and abuse. This is a great episode of their podcast, originally recorded prior to Paige Patterson’s apology, with a new addition to the beginning to address that as well. With the SBC annual meeting coming up next month, this is something that I think Southern Baptists everywhere need to listen to and read about.

A Concern With Paige Patterson’s Apology
See above. This is another great introspection into this topic of discussion.

How Is One God Three Persons? 
“But did you ever stop to wonder why “persons” is the accepted term for the distinctions of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? Why not three “manifestations,” “modes,” or “beings?” The truth is that the term “person” wasn’t landed on haphazardly. Theologians have labored throughout church history to accurately define the Trinity.”

Sanctification: An Often Painfully Slow Process (Video)
“The question is what are we supposed to do with what we see between Genesis 1 and 2 and what we see at the end of Revelation? That answer is given to us repeatedly in the Scriptures. Be holy, for I am holy.” 


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