The Weekly Nerd – Friday Edition – September 14th

Welcome to the Friday Edition of The Weekly Nerd! I have fallen behind on my non-weekly nerd posts, and I will get back to that, starting this coming week with a new Monday Mess as well as at least one book review! (Yay!)

Friday’s Best Read:

Social Justice Is An Attack On The Sufficiency of Scripture
Me posting this link will be to many the unpopular opinion, however, Josh Buice explains the issue with social justice in a clear, succinct manner.
“What is social justice? In short, it’s a movement that positions itself to aid the oppressed within a group or a society. That could be a society as a whole or a group within a society. The Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel was not framed to address the secular culture’s version of social justice. It was formed to speak into the culture of evangelicalism itself and to point out the inaccuracies of the evangelical version (which is connected to the secular movement too). Some people may be asking why it’s wrong to aid the oppressed? A better question would be—who is truly oppressed within evangelicalism and how are we seeking to help them? Is there really an evangelical system that’s committed to holding specific people back from serving God? Is “White privilege” really alive and well within evangelical circles preventing gifted Black brothers and sisters from serving God?”

Middle School As A Dress Rehearsal for Life
“Middle school is a dress rehearsal. It’s almost always messy, and we worry that it foreshadows a disastrous future for our children. Meaning well, we jump in and initiate, fix and micromanage, telling ourselves we will stop when the child matures enough to take over. But middle school is supposed to be messy. It’s how kids mature. This means making lots of mistakes, then experiencing consequences just strong enough to be an incentive for correction, but not strong enough to damage a life.”

Can An Old School Oil Company Make A Small Town Cool?
This is a wonderful read about El Dorado, AR and the money being pumped in to revitalize the small community. This might be one place I’d like to go visit with my family someday!

American Vision and the Word that Justifies
“If we can identify objectively evil and oppressive laws against members in our society today, then we must name these laws. We should not, however, be distracted by perceptions of privilege and disparities. Otherwise, we will sow division into society and division into the church, and thereby threatening work to establish human rights and threatening work to advance the gospel.”

So, yes, this was a short day for Friday, however, things will get better! Haha! I just praise Jesus that He has blessed me with another Friday!