The Weekly Nerd – Friday Edition – September 21st

Welcome to the Friday Frinally Edition of The Weekly Nerd! It’s Frinally! Yes, Friday and Finally combined making Frinally! What a wonderful Frinally it is!

On the Blog: My review of The Lost Sermons of C.H. Spurgeon volume III

Frinally’s Top Read:

Why you should be talking to your children about gender
This is now an ultra-important topic for Christian parents to discuss with their children. Gender and how God created man and woman are being tossed to the wayside by society.

Man pulls gun on Colorado deputies during traffic stop (Video+article) WARNING: GRAPHIC
Having been an LEO in the past, I know that many don’t realize what LEO’s face on a daily basis. This is a great video to show how quickly things can go sour. I use this one as it’s one of the least graphic videos I have come across.

How We Ordain a Pastor
Somewhat regularly, Tim Challies posts an article on his church’s liturgy or something similar. Here is how they ordain a pastor. I like it.

Hacked electric tooth brush defeats locks with ease
Just in case you’re locked out of the house and all you have is your phone and an electric tooth brush! Just kidding, it’s a little more involved than that, but still fun!

God hasn’t called you to be tired
“I know there are seasons when God has called each of us to extreme sacrifice (and accompanying weariness). For instance, no one should heap shame on mothers because their newborns are keeping them awake day and night. But as a way of life, we need to remember that God has not called us to be a tired people. He has called us, in fact, to rest as we trust in his provision for our lives.”