The Weekly Nerd – Friday Edition – September 28th

Welcome to the September 28th Edition of The Weekly Nerd! Have fun!

Friday’s Finest:

Verses To Memorize for the Hospital
“Reading Scripture is arduous when unrelenting pain and exhaustion grip us, and downright impossible when medications cloud our thinking. Prayer dissolves to single words amid the fog of illness. Wrenched from the home, people, and activities we cherish, we struggle for meaning amid the alarms and the batteries of tests, continually asking, “Why, Lord?” When answers do not come quickly, our faith dwindles, giving way to despair. ”

How Microsoft Saved Apple (And Why They Did It) (Video)
Here is something I didn’t know, but, I understand why. Great video!

The Duties Required by the Ninth Commandment in a Social Media World
“You must be familiar with the ninth commandment: “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” On a surface level it’s simple enough: Don’t tell lies about other people. But Christians have traditionally understood it to entail far more than this. With the rise of modern communications technologies, and especially social media, I am convinced we need to diligently apply ourselves to a fresh consideration of all this commandment requires of us. ”

Why 13 Minutes Pumping Iron Might Be Better Than Spending Forever at the Gym
This was a very intriguing read for me, as I know that I need to get in better shape. I think this is something I could definitely do at home.