The Weekly Nerd – January 14, 2020

I’d like to welcome to to 2020! Now, be honest…how many checks have you written the wrong date on?

Yesterday on the Blog – A book review of Adorning the Dark by Andrew Peterson.

Tuesday’s Top Pick:

Help! My Faith is Being Opposed in the Classroom!
“Ah, but I also have seen amazing things happen when Christians think carefully about how to respond to conflict or opposition. Sometimes they have been able to speak into the minds and even the hearts of hardcore atheists and oppositionist academic leaders. Conflict can be an opportunity to be salt and light, particularly in academic settings.”

True Friends Confront Sin
Proverbs 27:5-6 are two verses regarding friends, true friends, and what must be found in true friends. There is more to friendship than these verses, but without these elements, it’s not a true friendship.

How Pastors Can Apply the Brown M&M Test
How one rockbound used brown M&M’s to see if people actually read the contract for venues, and how pastors can apply a similar thing within the local church. This is a great and informative read.

Invigorating Your Student Ministry
“Care about their spiritual growth, not just gather a big student group. Care about the deep things in their hearts and help direct them to use those passions for the Kingdom of God.”

10 Things You Should Know About Reading the Bible
Crossway has some great articles, and this one is fitting for the beginning of 2020 for the many who will strive to read the Bible in a year.