The Weekly Nerd – January 24th, 2018

Greetings from The Weekly Nerd! Coming all the way from…THE INTERNET!

My Weekly Favorite:

A Gunman Terrorized My Church…And It Taught Me Something About Faith – A gripping read of the worst-case scenarios of violence happening within the church. While this took place years ago, it is a stark reminder of more recent events, such as in Texas, and drives us to prayer.

The Strange History of One of The Internet’s First Viral Videos – I remember downloading and seeing this video, in very low resolution, before there were the likes of YouTube and other social media outlets. It was great! I had no idea of the strange history behind it…

Heartland Democrats to Washington: You’re Killing Us – I normally don’t tread into the realm of politics often, however, this is a great read and honestly, in my opinion, is somewhat applicable to both side of the political fence. However, from reading this article, it seems that the political machine is hurting men in Goodin’s position a lot more.

The Easiest Sin to Justify – “What delude ourselves into believing that our anger is righteous, that it is just the same as God’s white-hot anger against all that is evil. Sometimes it is, perhaps, but far more often it is not. It may be a sinful reaction to justified anger or a sinful reaction to unjustified anger. Either way, what we often do is excuse and explain it in a way we don’t with most other sins.”

Putting Kids To Bed Early Is Better for Mom’s Sanity – While I can believe someone actually did a study to prove this, I think there is by far enough anecdotal evidence to have proven this true. I could have told you this is true for my household just as easily! Beyond this point, it is a great read, beneficial to parents and would-be parents alike.

Ministering to Millennials In a Secular Age – By far the best read on ministering to millennials that I have read in a long time, if ever. I learned a lot more about millennials than I did before, and considering at one point, my date of birth was considered within the millennial generation (it might still be, I’m not sure), I really enjoyed what I read!