The Weekly Nerd – January 31st, 2018

Greetings from The Weekly Nerd! This week is brought to you by the Noro Virus! Yep! We’ve all got it here! (Don’t worry, if you get it, it’s not from reading this website. You can’t transmit stuff like that over the internet…yet).

My Weekly Favorite:

Over Our Dead Bodies Embracing the Costs of Warning the Lost – This is a great read coming out of Desiring God. Would you interrupt a funeral to correct a pastor? What would you say? “Ever since the fall, hell’s mouth has gaped open. Many will be swallowed up today. More will the next day. And the next. This reality caused even the apostle Paul profound sorrow and unceasing anguish (Romans 9:2). Does it for the rest of us?”

Christians In The East Lose Their Lives, But Christians In The West Are Losing Their Souls – This is a great, and condemning, read regarding Christianity in the East versus Christianity in the West. “Christians in the East forfeit their lives rather than forfeit their souls, and we forfeit our souls even though we could quite easily retain both. The Church overseas has been under violent assault, yet the enemies of Christ have not won. They have diminished the Church in numbers by killing its members, but it is strong and resilient where it still stands. Our situation is exactly the reverse.”

J.D. Greear Will Accept SBC Presidential Nomination – Two years ago, in a close ballot, Greear stepped aside for the unity of the SBC. Here, he details why he is once again accepting a nomination to be the president of the SBC. Great read.

A Message To The Christian Battling Sexual Sin – (Video and article) This is a great encouragement from Paul David Tripp to those who are battling sexual sin. In two words: Own It.

3 Reasons Why Young Christians Should Attend the Funeral Services of Older Christians – “One way to teach the younger generation the importance of missing the second half of the school day to attend the funeral of an older church member is by spending time with such members before they die.  Look for ways to teach young people to honor seniors beyond pressing them to read and understand 2 Kings 2:23-24. Look for opportunities to overlap in life, ministry, worship, and fellowship (see Titus 2).  Consider bringing such church members into your home for lunch after church and providing intentional opportunities for your children to know the older generation in your church. ”

The Flu Can Kill Tens of Millions of People – Given that this year’s flu season is upon us and it’s been bad, but we must look at history and remember that it could be much worse, just as it was 100 years ago in 1918.