The Weekly Nerd – Monday, April 2nd

Welcome to The Weekly Nerd! I hope you had blessed Resurrection Sunday and told all those kids to find the eggs…you never hid! (Because it was also April Fools’ Day!)

The Early Weekly Hit!

When Easter and April Fools’ Day Collide – “But Christians have a long history of being called fools. In Jesus’s day, the religious types knew that no Messiah dies like a loser. And the intellectuals knew that no one rises from the dead. So when Christians started claiming that a disgraced and condemned criminal was the living ruler of heaven and earth, everyone knew who to laugh at.” This is a great read that helped me as I preached yesterday.

Logos Bible Software’s Free Book of the Month – Between the Cross and the Throne The Book of Revelation by Matthew Emerson. I have not read this volume, however I have heard good things about it. And, if you have Logos, it’s free, so it won’t hurt to check it out. Even if you don’t have Logos, you can download the core software for free and then get this book…for free!

My Sermon Preparation Process – Here, Matt Capps has done an amazing job at letting readers see into what goes into how he does sermon preparation. And, it has visuals! I have read many articles on sermon prep (and writing preparation in general) that describe what they do, but they never show us what it looks like. Matt Capps does just that, and it’s glorious!

Jurassic World (Park) Dinosaur Detection System – Just click on the link then click on the big orange button that says, “Buy Now”. No, I am not getting anything for linking this. Yes, you can thank me later. The Dinosaur Detection System really made me nerd out. Wait, I still am!

How to Add AirDrop to the Dock in macOSAirDrop is the most underrated awesome tool in the arsenal of macOS and iOS. It has so many uses. Here is a small little hack to help save a little time when using AirDrop. Read both articles. I have personally transferred a 1GB+ video from one iPhone to another without a problem, and we weren’t even on the same WiFi when we did it.

The Regulative Principle of Worship – The other day, some men on a group chat I am in were having a deep conversation on the Regulative Principle of Worship. Read the article, as it explains it better than I can. I can’t tell you my position as I am still working through this, as if it is 100% Biblical and the model all churches must follow, the implications are far reaching.