The Weekly Nerd – Monday Edition – April 16th

Welcome to the Monday Edition of The Weekly Nerd!

Last Week on the Blog: My Wife Has A Realization About Logos

The Monday Masterpiece Article:

Have I Really Forgiven Someone If I Keep Remembering Their Wrong? – This is a great “Ask Pastor John” episode, one that was very helpful and encouraging to me. And, I think it would be edifying to anyone and everyone who listens to it.

The Racialist Lens Disrupts True Christian Unity: A Response to Thabiti Anyabwile – There has been a lot of controversy surrounding and article by Thabiti Anyabwile, and I really enjoyed this response by James White (which Thabiti reposted on his blog at TGC).

I tried San Francisco’s Electric Scooter Share And It Was A Nightmare – Honestly, I could have told you how the article would have played out just from reading the title. Bikes are one thing, as they require minimal maintenance. Something with an actual motor, well, that’s something much more and I can understand why this author’s experience was nightmarish.

I’m Raising My Sons To Love Their Wives More Than They Love Me – “One day, each boy will leave me for her, and I’m preparing now to leave them in the hands of these women. Women who won’t have memories of them when they were little. Who won’t have held their hands for as long as I have. Who might not know I’ve spent all these years, all these sleepless nights raising the kind of men they’ve been dreaming about.” This is a great article for all parents to read.

Cleveland Indians Make The Best Of Bad Weather – Sometimes, you just have to have a bit of fun.