The Weekly Nerd – Monday Edition – April 23rd

Welcome to the Monday Edition of The Weekly Nerd!

This past weekend (April 20-21), I attended the Doctrine and Devotion conference featuring Doug Logan, Joe Thorn, and Jimmy Fowler. It was a great conference and was very edifying. Once the audio from the conference is made available on their website, I will link it here in The Weekly Nerd!

My Monday Favorite:

Christian Sexual Ethics is a Gospel Issue – The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) really nails this on the head. “My concern is that the spirit of the age doesn’t jibe well with what Paul tells Timothy. And too many churches and individuals are happy to make peace with the spirit of the age rather than obey the Scriptures. As a result, defining orthodoxy too often focuses on how mere our doctrine can be instead of how sound our doctrine must be.”

Have You Buried Your Gifts? – “You have been given talents. Do you know what they are? Do you know how valuable they are? God has given them to you to invest. And someday he will hold you accountable for how you stewarded them.
It’s a sobering thought — and necessarily so. It’s meant to be. But it is also meant to be very liberating.”

How to Parent Fearful Kids – “Fear comes in so many shapes and sizes, but there is a common underlying theme. In each instance, fearful kids perceive a threat to something that’s important to them—fitting in, being accepted, looking competent, feeling their world is predictable, staying unharmed, having pleasant experiences. So to safeguard what they want, they shrink back from life rather than embrace something new or untried.”

The Impossible Calling of the Christian Preacher – “Christian preacher, your calling is astounding. Indeed, your life is astounding. I hope you are amazed at your miraculous existence in Christ. As a Christian, you are not unique, but you are astounding.” John Piper lays down some serious truth regarding Christian preaches. I, for one, am greatly edified and encouraged from reading this.

Nebraska Passes a Bill that Validates and Honors the Miscarriage of a Child – “But something amazing has happened in my state. It’s unprecedented. No other state in the United States has anything like this. On April 18, 2018, Nebraska passed a bill allowing parents of a miscarried child to apply for a commemorative birth certificate.” This is amazing. My wife had a miscarriage many years ago, we didn’t even know she was pregnant, and I am glad that measures are in place, at least in Nebraska, allowing the death of that child to be honored.

Smart Speakers Are a Great Tool for the Visually Impaired – “Touchscreens have become the primary way many of us interact with the digital world, but they aren’t great options for the visually impaired. Smartphones have small displays and require precise controls, and their screens shut off after a few moments of inactivity, which makes them difficult to use if your vision isn’t great. In these instances, a smart speaker is probably a much more useful device.”

Put Tape on Your Apple TV Remote – I can tell you from personal experience, this is a great idea. The number of times I, or one of my children, have turned off something because of picking up the AppleTV remote wrong astounds even me!