The Weekly Nerd – Monday Edition – July 9th

Welcome to the Monday Edition of The Weekly Nerd! I hope you enjoy today’s edition, as I know I enjoyed preparing it!

On The Blog… I Preach Pulpit Supply, and This Is How I Do Sermon Prep
This is more on how I make the time for it, not the practical steps I take for sermon preparation, as mine isn’t much different from many others. I hope you enjoy the look into my life!

Monday’s Winner!

You Shouldn’t Ever Say You’d Never Worship the God of Calvinism
This is an excellent read! “Surely, I’ll admit such quips have a sort of rhetorical flair to them – but it is just that. It is an emotionally laden outburst rather than an earnest theological critique of the concept. It is the more verbose equivalent of, “My God wouldn’t do that!” I have no qualms with an individual challenging my understanding of the text, and doing it from the text itself, however, I do take issue to the one who will simply make pithy statements devoid of substance, especially when they are taking aim at their Creator. Equally problematic is the fact that it is disingenuous, in that I highly doubt genuine believers would stop worshiping God if He pulled back the “veil”.”

Apple Crime Blotter from
I always enjoy reading of various ways people steal Apple products. While most of the ways in which things happen aren’t new, sometimes you get very innovative techniques, like the group who stole identities, shipped products, and then stole the boxes from the recipients doorsteps, all without the victims knowing (until they got caught stealing a box from their doorstep).

Top 5 Most Hilarious Satire Sites
Once again, the Babylon Bee stings again! “We know that many people consider The Babylon Bee to be the highest-quality satire on the web. We appreciate the sentiment very much, but if we’re being honest, there are several sites we just can’t match, that consistently put out better stuff than we do. Join us as we tip our hats to the top 5 satire and parody sites on the internet—in no particular order.”

9 Things You Should Know About Elisabeth Elliot
The past two Sundays, I have used Jim and Elisabeth Elliot (and the others) as illustrations in my preaching. In preparing for giving these illustrations, I have learned things that I did not know before, and here are some of them. While this is an older article, it is still very relevant today.

New Research: Churchgoers Stick Around for Theology, Not Music or Preachers
This is an eye-opening article, one that really made me think. This, along with the article about Preaching and the statistics to why people go to church to hear it, combined could help many understand the real motivation behind church attendance. It’s not fancy lights or music, it’s the solid meat that is being preached and taught to the congregation. People don’t stay for milk, they stay for the good stuff.