The Weekly Nerd – Monday Edition – June 10th

Welcome to The Weekly Nerd! With Summer Enrichment starting this week (think Summer School, but more fun!), The Weekly Nerd might start to become a weekly thing, instead of twice weekly. We’ll see!

Monday’s Number One!

Theology of Apology
“Apologies are also complicated by history. What is our responsibility in the present to apologize for things that have happened in the past? Should Christians apologize for the Crusades? For the Salem Witch Trials? For slavery? Some apologies for the past are appropriate and heartfelt, while others feel less sincere and more manufactured.”

The Apple Crime Blotter
This is a great roundup of crime involving Apple products. I especially enjoyed the one regarding rescuing a girl from a forced-arranged marriage. Fabulous read.

I had no idea what I was getting into on my wedding day
This is a fun, lighthearted yet serious look back upon 12 years of marriage. I enjoyed the read and it really made me think that I didn’t know, either.

Apple Is Not Your Friend
“In its own deliberate fashion, Apple appears to see a market opportunity in the privacy debate that goes beyond polishing its own image. As headlines blared about Facebook’s latest data-sharing turmoil, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has been quietly planning to launch a new advertising network for the past year. ”

Five Great Benefits From Preaching
This is a great article that really helped me realize where God has been leading me in the process of not sermon delivery, but preparation. I think that this will be of great benefit not only to preachers, but laypersons who read this as well.

4 Reasons You Should Preach Through Exodus
Going along with preaching (See above linked article on benefits of preaching), here is why preachers should preach through Exodus!
“God’s entire plan of salvation is exodus-shaped. The whole of Scripture is exodus-shaped. So, if you want virtually endless opportunities in every sermon to help your people put the whole Bible together, preach through Exodus.”

Blast From The Past:

“And then comes Monday”
Jared C. Wilson’s The Pastor’s Justification was a great read. This blog post from November 2016 is really just an excerpt, a convicting excerpt from that book on why Pastors should NOT take Mondays as a day off. I’m not even a pastor, and it still convicts me when I read it.