The Weekly Nerd – Monday Edition – June 4th

Welcome to June’s first Weekly Nerd! I hope you enjoy it!

Monday’s Favorite:

Homeschooling Surges as Parents Seek Safer Option for Children
As a homeschooling parent, this is a bittersweet article. While I love to see parents become more involved in their children’s education, I hate to see the price that has been paid to reach this point. This is a sobering article on a current trend in homeschooling.

When You Ignore Christians In Need, Jesus Takes It Personally
“When you do kindness to one of Jesus’ brethren in need, Jesus considers it as if done to him, and when you ignore one of his followers, he takes that personally, too.”

Faithlife Sites – Logos Bible Software Does Church Websites
Faithlife (Formerly Logos) really has stepped up their game with this new offering. For free (yes, free!) you can get what I would assume is an amazing looking website, if all that Faithlife promises gets delivered. I don’t have a church to try it on, so I am not sure how easy it is to use, but with all the free offerings, this could be a potential benefit for many churches. (I might make up a church just to give it a go. If I do, I will write a review and leave it active for some time for people to see).

An Index of Calvin’s Distinctions in the Institutes
As I am reading through Calvin’s Institutes this year, when I saw this article pop up, I thought it looked interesting. Then I looked at the document and I wish I had this during seminary! This is a great list, and one that I am going to print out and keep with my Institutes reading plan!

It’s Cheaper to Uber Than Own a Car in These Cities
I was walking through downtown Chicago yesterday with my family, and I had an internal discussion about this very topic, regarding Chicago (we live just outside of Chicago). I am glad that I am not the only one, and am happily surprised that my thought process was correct regarding Ubering versus car ownership in Chicago.