The Weekly Nerd – Monday, March 9th, 2020

There I go again with the whole 2020 thing. We all know it’s 2020, but it’s still fun to type!

Monday’s Top Read (for me, at least!)

Parents, Your Kids Need Big Theology
“It’s tempting to water down the language and truths we share with our children or to even wait until they are older to introduce big words of theology. But the reality is that even if they don’t fully understand now, they are capable of easily remembering the words they hear again and again, no matter how big they are. Our daughter memorizing hymns is such a perfect example of this. Does our three-year-old know what Ebenezerestate, or ransom mean? No, of course not. But someday she will.”

Prayer Doesn’t Create Salvation
“The Bible is unambiguous on this point: Good works won’t save you. Only Jesus saves. By grace are you saved through faith. Salvation is a gift of God, not an achievement of our own works. “

Seven Things To Pray For Your Children
“Some parents earnestly pray and their children become gifted leaders or scholars or musicians or athletes. Others earnestly pray and their children develop a serious disability or disease or wander through a prodigal wilderness or just struggle more than others socially or academically or athletically. And the truth is, God is answering all these parents’ prayers, but for very different purposes.”

SBC Resolution on Beholding the Majesty of God
Here is a resolution for the SBC Annual Meeting this coming June in Orlando. I hope the resolutions committee keeps it just the way it is. Great stuff.

Brothers, Preach Your Heart Out…
Here is a great article about preaching your heart out, no matter who is in the pews (or who isn’t!).

The Joyful Illiterate Kindergarteners of Finland
This is a really interesting read, and it’s something I agree with. I don’t mean to lessen what we do here in the United States, however there is a lot we can learn from those children and their classes in Finland.