The Weekly Nerd – October 25th

Welcome to The Weekly Nerd! It’s October 25th, 2018. Thursday…a day I like to call “Friday Eve” (and Friday is Frinally!)

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Today’s Top Read:

Why Ben Sasse Quit Twitter for Half a Year
This is a great read with great amounts of practical advice. “If I were forced to choose between having too much and too little digital input in my life and in my kids’ lives, there is no doubt about my answer: Unplug. Life worked just fine before social media, and lots of neurobiological research makes clear that lives saturated by distracting technology are less happy. Digital addictions harm your mind, your body, and your soul.”

Why “The Tree of Life” is the Best Christian Movie Ever Made
Disclaimer: I’ve never seen this movie. But after reading this article, I will.
“In the seven years since Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life was released, the film has only grown in stature. Widely regarded among critics and cinephiles as one of the greatest films ever made (the late Roger Ebert included it on his final list of the 10 best films of all time), Malick’s magnum opus has also become one of the greatest examples of distinctly Christian cinematic art—and it didn’t come out of the Christian entertainment industry.”

Pastor, Do Not Neglect Your Little Church At Home
Pastors, shepherd your family. “When many contemporary American evangelicals think about what it means to be a shepherd, thoughts are conjured up of pictures of an effeminate looking Jesus gazing longingly at a sheep as he strokes its wool—and other, similar images. In the Ancient Near East, however, sheep and shepherds were a part of everyday life, and shepherds in particular were rugged warriors who bore marks in their flesh from defending, protecting, and guiding the sheep over whom they exercised oversight and care.”

I Woke Up Unable To Speak English
I cannot believe this. This is crazy. But amazing at the same time.

What Is This Book?
Gotta love the Gideons!

Why Doctrine Still Matters
I’m a firm believer that part of equipping the saints is making sure they understand this, that Doctrine does not only “still matter,” but it is of utmost importance in the daily lives of believers. “It anchors us and forms our most deeply held convictions. It give us greater certainty about things that are true and things that are not; about things that should be treated as lovely and things that should be treated as repulsive; about things that are healthy and that enhance life and things that are harmful and that diminish life. On the whole, and when handled with humility and care, theology can be a tremendous asset to our existence.”