The Weekly Nerd – Quarantine Edition – March 23, 2020

Welcome to the Coronavirus Quarantine Edition of The Weekly Nerd! While many (but not all) are stuck in their homes, I hope this provides some good reading and edification in such an unsettling time.

Monday’s Favorite:

Don’t Just Teach – Teach Your Church to Love God’s Word
“The members of the congregation need to understand the value of studying the whole counsel of God over the course of their lives or they will not be interested in doing it.” This is an incredible read regarding the Word of God and teaching it…all of it.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the Man Who Assaulted Me
This is a powerful read. Grace. Mercy. Love. Reading this is a start reminder to the power of love and being loved. I cannot get over how powerful and moving this article is.

Drive In Church – One Solution to the Problem of Meeting Together
“The government is asking people to avoid gathering together and thus increasing the risk of spreading infection. The Lord commands his people to gather together for worship and mutual edification. But He also commands us to do all we can to preserve our own lives and the lives of our neighbours. How do we balance and prioritize these competing responsibilities?”

Study Claims Using CarPlay While Driving is More Dangerous Than Texting
I think CarPlay and it’s Android equivalent, Android Auto, is the modern day equivalent to finding the CD you want to listen to, taking the one you were listening to out and putting it away, then getting the new one out and putting it in. Dangerous.

GameStop: We Are Essential
I can see this. It’s one form of entertainment, and on another level, a form of socializing from a distance (for those online gamers), that can be important in this time. If the employees are cool with working and they take the proper precautions (honestly, I think some would provide their own hazmat suits..), I say let them stay open!

Content Isn’t Everything – Or Some Help for the Boring Bible Teacher
“In our adult Sunday School classes at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, we ask teachers to use a manuscript and most of the classes are lecture format. As a result, our teachers sometimes think that all we care about is good content, and it doesn’t matter if they are boring. Quite the contrary. Engagement and insight are critical aspects of teaching, even for laypeople teaching Sunday School classes. Content isn’t everything.”