The Weekly Nerd Saturday Edition – January 26th

Welcome to The Weekly Nerd! I’m a bit late getting my nerd on this week, so here we are on Saturday morning! I hope you enjoy!

On the Blog: I give my thoughts on The Sanctity of Human Life and the pervasive sin problem of the State of New York’s law allowing abortion up to just prior to birth.

Saturday’s Top Read:

The Mandate of Masculine Mentoring
Given the apparent secular war upon men being masculine, Reformanda Ministries really hits this topic on the head from a Christian worldview on men mentoring other men.

The Glory of Man and the Glory of God
“I remember sitting transfixed and watching Walter Cronkite and some former astronauts describe the first landing of human beings on the moon. When I heard the words of Neil Armstrong, “That’s one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind,” I was as excited as anybody else by this incredible accomplishment, this conquest of a whole new frontier. But there was also something that bothered me when I heard those words. It sounded like the Tower of Babel all over again, a boasting in human achievement rather than bowing in prayer, saying, “This is for Your glory, O God. This is the fulfillment of the scientific enterprise You gave us in Eden to have dominion over the earth.””

You Cannot Be “Compelled” to Unlock Your iPhone with FaceID by Law Enforcement
Technology, privacy, and law enforcement are three topics that I also enjoy, and I think this one is a big win for privacy rights.

I Was A TSA Agent, and You Fed Me
This is a great read about the government shutdown, which just ended for a few weeks, and what the church came together across the country to do about it.

These Next Two Articles Kind Of Go Together, and I Really Like Them Both

An Open Letter to Baptist Pastors Considering Open Membership
A candid conversation regarding open membership in Baptist Churches. Basically, would it be Biblical, from a Baptist perspective, to allow a believer into membership who was baptized as an infant without receiving believer’s baptism? This is a great read!

Would You Excommunicate Tim Keller?
“Would you excommunicate Tim Keller? If you found out that you had admitted someone into membership of your church who, it subsequently turns out, had only been “baptised” as a baby, would you remove them from membership, and/or from access to communion?”