The Weekly Nerd – September 16th, 2020

It’s Wednesday! Welcome to the Weekly Nerd!

Wednesday’s Top Read:

7 Tips for Reading the Bible with Another Person
“We were made to know God, and we were made for community. Reading God’s word with others fulfills both of these purposes. Reading the Bible, like eating a meal, isn’t only for individual consumption. Some of the greatest joys come when we enjoy God and his word together with others.”

A Harvard Professor, A Con Man and the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife
While I have not read the book, I remember the controversy. And, from reading the review from Challies, the book sounds amazing.
Veritas makes for an interesting read, but also one that has lessons for each one of us. It shows the reality of confirmation bias, that we are all prone to see and understand things as we wish them to be instead of as they really are. It shows that we should always be guarded, patient, and appropriately skeptical when new discoveries…”

Want Your Church To Enjoy Unity?
“Faithful gospel ministry means preaching the “whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27). That includes God’s infinite grace, mercy, and love. These truths seldom divide. It also includes God’s holiness, his wrath, the inflexible nature of his justice, and the reality of eternal conscious torment in hell. These truths tend to cause division.”

Why You Need To Be Praying For Your Pastor
“You might be tired of hearing it, but that doesn’t make it any less true—these have been difficult days for pastors. And I think you need to hear as well that there are more difficult days ahead. That being the case, for the sake of your pastor and the sake of your church, he needs you to be praying for him right now and in the weeks and months to come.”

3 Ways to Tell if Physically Absent Church Members are Still Spiritually Engaged
I praise the Lord that the vast majority of the church I pastor is still very much so involved. It brings me great joy and encouragement to see the body so eager and willing to still give of their time, talents, and treasures for the kingdom, despite all that is going on. Soli Deo Gloria!