The Weekly Nerd – Thanksgiving Edition

Welcome To The Weekly Nerd!

This week is brought to you by Thanksgiving! May you continually be thankful for God’s grace and eat lots of turkey and ham!

My Weekly Favorite:

Five Things to Know About Adoption – Coming towards the end of National Adoption Month, a time of year that I hold dear, here is another article regarding adoption that all should read. While not everyone is called to adoption, we can all help in other ways, and one of those is by knowing about it. This article from HerViewFromHome really hit home with this former adoptions case manager.

The Absurd Arguments We Make To Defend Roy Moore and Al Franken Are Getting Dangerous – Russell Moore of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the SBC (ERLC) wrote this wonderful op-ed for the Washington Post. “The problem here is not some serious debate over the facts of allegations. That should always happen. The problem lies with those who would say, “Even if these things are true, they don’t matter,” or, “They might matter, but not enough to lose an election.”

Violence-Free Bible Now Available –  Finally, there is a translation of the Bible, the Violence-Free Version (VFV), that is best suited to reaching the snowflake generation! (just kidding). The Babylon Bee strikes again with a masterful satirical blow of comedic relief to a topic which, unfortunately, is trifled over by many. I hope you get as much of a laugh out of this as I have!

Church Plants Need Shepherds, Not Entrepreneurs – Every church needs Shepherds. Church plants and revitalization projects don’t need entrepreneurs. Established churches don’t need entertainers or executives. This informative article is something that should be read and contemplated about by most any pastor, whether planting a church or planning a service in a well-established generation.

The Value of the Word – The Value of the Word is a riveting article NOT regarding the Eternal value of God’s Word, per se, but the actual financial value of it. I have never realized or considered the fact that writing back then, two millennia ago, was a luxury and therefore really expensive. How expensive? $3,000 to write Romans. Mind. Blown.

Arrows That Change Direction Mid-Flight – I like archery, it’s fun. I don’t have a bow any more, however, I hope to get one again soon. And, I would love to be able to do this! Wow! I mean, seriously, wow.