The Weekly Nerd – Thursday Edition – April 19th

Welcome to The Thursday Edition of The Weekly Nerd! While the week is far from over, it has been a busy week!

My Thursday Favorite:

The Best Argument For Using A Printed Bible – Challies, who has gone to using Logos on an iPad, lays down a great article on why one should read from a printed Bible. I love the article!

If You Love God, Listen To Him – “I want to give you five good reasons to find your life in the Bible for the rest of your life. Before you get into God’s word, remember that becoming Bible-literate is not about being smarter, or beefing up your spiritual resume, or lording your knowledge over others. It’s about looking through the pages to the Savior on the other side.”

A Pastor’s Responsibility To Train Men – “When I read the Pastoral Epistles, my heart reflects on the duty that God gives to shepherds to care for, train up, and multiply men of God. Truly this is God’s work ultimately. To this I wholeheartedly affirm. Nevertheless, God has entrusted all shepherds with the glorious and preeminent duty of developing leaders, instructing them in truth, and equipping them to serve Christ and His church.”

Jesus’s Compassion For Those Who Love Porn – “But at the root, I knew it was empty. I knew it was debasing. I knew it was temporary and unfulfilling and demoralizing. I felt void of actual love. I didn’t think I was worth much to any man unless he first knew I was valuable sexually.”

The Young And The Restless – A great article about what happens when tinkering with coding, software, and hardware goes too far. Even doing something from the safe confines of your own home can have far-reaching implications and consequences.

A Little About the Pilot from that Southwest Flight – *Warning: Language* This is hands down one of the best articles I have read concerning the pilot and the entire incident of Southwest Flight 1380 which made an emergency landing the other day in Philadelphia after an engine blew up. Please, listen to the Air Traffic Control audio from when the pilot landed the flight.

Before You Visit A City, Read Its Subreddit – This is actually a great idea! Reddit isn’t something I would equate with travel information, but I am surprised yet again!

A Giant Cow in New York City – This is a great satire from The Babylon Bee

Evil Christians Oppress Secular New Yorkers With Delicious Chicken Sandwiches – And the Babylon Bee strikes again!