The Weekly Nerd – Thursday Edition – April 26th

Welcome to the Weekly Nerd! Here are some of the more interesting things that I have found on the internet! Enjoy!

My Thursday Favorite:

The Failure of Liberalism 
“How and why is liberalism failing? Primarily because liberalism, as a centuries-old political philosophy, is rooted in a defective understanding of the human person. Liberalism ignores the person’s rootedness in local communities and their myriad customs and influences, replacing that rootedness with an inordinate allegiance to state and market, the instruments of our supposed liberation.”

When Gospel-Centered Goes Too Far
This is a great article that is summed up in this one sentence, “Gospel-centered goes too far when we miss the forest for the trees; when we’re so gospel-centered that we miss Jesus.” Reading this was a punch in the gut, as I recognize having fallen into such pitfalls myself.

Why John Piper’s “Shells” Illustration Transformed a Generation
Honestly, before Les Lanphere’s Calvinist movie and then this video from Tim Challies, I had never heard of this sermon before. Now that I’ve watched it, I completely agree with Challies’ assessment. “Only one life, twill soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.”

If Jesus Wrote A Support Letter
I would have almost thought this was a Babylon Bee article had I not been on The Gospel Coalition page when I clicked on the article. However, after reading the piece, it’s a very well written article with great points.

Why Christian Blogs Aren’t What They Used to Be
Challies hits the nail on the head with this one. “A movement was afoot and everyone wanted to be part of it.”

Why I Don’t Sit With My Husband At Church
“Every week, men and women wander into our gatherings for the first time, some invited, others of their own accord. Some have recently moved and are seeking community while others haven’t been to church in a while, or ever. Their experience will determine whether they ever come back. For my husband and me, offering hospitality has meant breaking down a common church practice: sitting together as a family.”