The Weekly Nerd – Thursday Edition – August 1st

Welcome to The August 1st Edition of The Weekly Nerd! I hope you enjoy what I have enjoyed reading!

Today’s Top Post!

How Mark Dever Passes Out Authority
This is a great read about one of the masters of giving out authority.
“Over the years Mark Dever, senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., has seen plenty of opportunities to accrue authority, some of which he keeps, many of which he passes out. And the way he passes out authority has shaped the culture of our church in countless ways. Here are 20 ways he distributes authority, followed by 10 ways this shapes our church culture. Some apply just to lead pastors; many apply to all of us.”

The Three Most Important Lessons Christians Can Learn in College
This is a great and encouraging read, for parents, students, and, I think, staff/faculty as well. I hope you are encouraged by it as much as I was.

What Does It Mean that Women Are to Submit to Their Husbands? -Ephesians 5
“Submission does not imply an inherent inferiority. Christ is equal in status to the Father but willingly submits himself to his Father’s will (1 Cor. 15:28). In the same way, women are equal in value and worth to men, since both are created in God’s image. But, based on God’s design, men and women assume different roles in the marriage relationship. “

Pastors Are Not Quitting In Droves
This is a great read about the reality of statistics that we hear about so many pastors leaving ministry on an all-too regular basis. Say it ain’t so! Well, it ain’t so. “In September 2015, the results of a LifeWay Research survey of 1,500 pastors of evangelical and historically black churches found only 1% of pastors abandon the pulpit each year. I can think of at least three implications from this groundbreaking research.”

Would You Attend A Gay Wedding?
Wise words from John Piper on a subject that is often so touchy. I especially love and appreciate his closing lines: “And the last thing I would say is: My not going is not my drawing away from my child — but his drawing away from me. I am where I have always been: arms wide open to the home-coming prodigal, ready to forgive anything.”

A Pastoral Prayer
From time to time, prolific blogger Tim Challies shares something from his church, whether it be a liturgy or an explainer sermon on the Lord’s Supper. This time, Challies shares a beautiful Pastoral Prayer!