The Weekly Nerd – Thursday Edition – August 2nd

Welcome to the Thursday Edition of The Weekly Nerd!

Next week, the Monday Edition of The Weekly Nerd will become the Tuesday Edition, making way for a new recap article for the Mondays after I preach pulpit supply.

Thursdays Top Read:

Sexual Sin Kills: Pay Attention
Jared Longshore over at Founders Ministries really hits home with this article on Sexual Sin.
“But, we’re not only to pay attention to wisdom, verse 3 through 6 says that since sexual sin kills we must pay attention to the strange woman’s ways. The father does not want his son to be ignorant concerning her. How many children have been fed to the wolves because parents did not school them in the ways of wolves.”

Five Bible Characters That Prove Salvation is Not a Process
“The reason this matters, is that if salvation were a process, then the one going through the process is involved in his salvation. His actions and works contribute to it, and, in Paul’s words in Ephesians 2:9, would give him the ability to boast. Instead, the Bible tells us that man’s salvation is a work of God where, in His great mercy, He makes dead people alive (Eph. 2:4-5). In the same way that Lazarus went from being dead to alive physically, believers go from being dead to alive spiritually.”

How to Create a Reading Culture In Your Church
This is a great article (and video) of Tim Challies talking about how to create a culture of reading within the local church. I think that reading, and thus growth and maturity, are vital to the life of the local church.

Here’s What Earth’s Shadow Actually Looks 
This is some cool photography work! I enjoyed this!

Inconvenient Headship, Four Questions for Christian Husbands
“In modern times, the word submit turns heads in Ephesians 5:22–33, but that’s not the heart of the matter for Paul. Rather, what he lingers over, and gives more space and attention to explaining (in more than three times as many words), is his radical charge to husbands to give yourself up for her — as Jesus did for his church.”

Don’t Plant A Church If You’re Not A Pastor
This is a great listen! Take the time and be encouraged, and be warned. However much I think it should plainly be obvious that someone who is not a pastor should not plant a church, it’s needed advice and a great warning.