The Weekly Nerd – Thursday Edition – July 12th

Welcome to the Thursday Edition of The Weekly Nerd! This week has been a long but good week! Praise the Lord!

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Thursdays Top Read:

Use the Rod, Lose the Child? 
“But it’s not always so simple, is it? Where corporal (or physical) discipline was once considered normal and effective, today many people consider it nothing less than abuse. There are entire nations where it’s no longer legal, and other nations like my own where it remains technically legal but in all likelihood won’t for long. I’m thinking about this today because of an email I received from a reader: “We currently live in Europe where corporal punishment, if discovered, can result in having your children permanently taken away from you. There are many instances just in my country alone. What would you advise for us to do?””

The Princess Bride, by William Goldman
I love the movie, but I have not read the book, yet. This article gives me high hopes for the book (who am I kidding? Books best their movie counterparts), and much motivation to actually read it! Then, I’ll make my oldest daughter read it, as she loves the movie!

The Purest Act of Pleasure
This is an incredible read from Tony Reinke on the doctrine of Election. “So God’s electing pursuit of us is settled and resolved. He alone initiates this love. His grace is unconditional and self-determined. There is nothing in the elect to attract God’s love — no beauty, no value. What sinners receive from God for their happiness is entirely unmerited. The worth of God’s elect is generated entirely by God’s delight in setting his love on them.”

Teardown of USB Fan Reveals Journalists’ Lack of Opsec
Opsec, short for “Operations Security,” is huge in today’s day and age. Especially with technology. “This is not a story about a USB fan, the teardown thereof, or of spy agencies around the world hacking journalists’ computers. This a story of the need for higher awareness on what we plug into our computers. In this case nothing came of it — the majority of USB devices are merely that and nothing more. One of the fans was recently torn down (PDF) and the data lines are not even connected. (I’ll dive into that later on in this article). But the anecdote provides an opportunity to talk about USB security and how the compulsion to plug every USB device into a computer should be interrupted by a few seconds of thoughtfulness first.”

How Satan Seduces Bitter Believers
Oh how I have seen myself right there. This is an incredible read, one that is hopefully convicting to some and helpful to all. “The Allied invasion site was actually Sicily, five hundred miles away from Greece and the very place the Germans had withdrawn their troops to fortify Greece. This seduction of the Nazi’s away from Sicily to Greece has been called “the most spectacular single episode in the history of deception.””

A Grief Sanctified: How Reformed Theology Helps Deal With Death
“But now I do know where God was in 1982, and the sovereign Lord of that year remains the same in 2018. God was with me then, and he is with me now, as mysterious as my future seems. Having the right theology isn’t something abstract; it’s not just ticking a box of correct doctrinal belief. A Reformed view makes all the difference, even in times of profoundest sorrow. A biblical perspective is transformative.”